Note to self:

Make lists. Always make lists. Make lists for the things that bring you joy, for planning a punctual trip, for the amount of dogs you've spotted that day, for the foods you love, for the books you aim to the read, the places you want to go, for the hearts you've stolen, for all the things you need (and want!) to do – and make them work for you.

Celebrate small successes. Hey look, you did something! And that 'something' might be considered minor, but on your terms, it's an accomplishment merit yourself that. Before you did it, the very thought of executing it was petrifying. But you managed to talk to that stranger, and he even laughed at your corny joke. You managed to make it to your final kilometre. You managed to make dinner, and it didn't burn (and hey, it tastes quite nice actually). You managed to get that question right this time, after multiple tries. You managed to do a killer job at that explanation! You managed to get it through another whole day, without lashing out at yourself once.
Do not forget your worst days, for they will exalt your best. You'll be happy you hung on, so you could catch that sunset, find that jacket at the opshop, see those gradual improvements of hers, feel the sun caressing your face, laugh until you felt giddy, sample the ware from that ridiculously good fusion restaurant (you'd been meaning to try for ages now), and be able to kiss them goodnight. You're here, and that's what matters. You are not impeded by the force of any passing second; you are redeemed by the will of your following moments, for all the hell you may have endured.

Keep doing what makes you tick. You know what you love to do. Whether it's stamp collecting, having a mad yoga sesh, making short films, writing lyrics or even (dare I say it) working out. And sometimes, you put that shit off. But please, a word of advice: don't. You deserve to be doing what you love  even if that's just confined within your sparse free time. You have this incredible power to lose yourself in something you deem to be so mesmerizing, so lucrative, so much so you should utilise it to the very best of your ability. You can make yourself happy, by paying homage to you.

Take a masterclass in the art of the eyebrow. Please. (I'm thinking post-ATAR.)

P.S. stock photo of me admiring a pizza slice, thanks to Vicky


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