5 STEPS TO // Weeding Out Toxic Friendships.

  It's 2016! It's a new year, a new you, as they all say. It's that time where almost everyone chooses to reinvent and/or work on themselves, in pursuit of a more fulfilled living. Of course, it's undoubtedly favourable to focus on self-improvement. Most things in life boil down to the essence of you as a person. By being your own functional person, your aspirations are more readily attainable. With the new year, you patently analyse what you've done - and how you do things better. Often we find that we harbour bad habits that are hard to kick, or we don't do enough to achieve our desired state of living.

  But what if it's not you that's holding yourself back? What if it's (dare I say it) other people?
  A colossal move for me in the year 2015 was letting go - which, goes without saying, meant certain friendships, too. And with good reason, it was for my sake. I had learnt: Relations with others are worth holding onto until you have to compromise yourself, despite having sought mutual resolution. Leaving a friendship or relationship does not define you, or rather imply a sense of carelessness. That's what many people forget. They forget to realise relationships are more influential than they appear to be. They forget to look out for themselves. Therefore, ongoing toxic friendships beget day-to-day ambivalence. By allowing these to continue, you expose yourself to negativity that you really don't need in your life.


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