Baby we're outside of time.

Habitual languor is
a blessing, as i deem
A concave of a dream
The nullity caving in
The surrounding love enfolds
and tells me, "it's okay,
to feel this way"
A concept so arcane
almost spineless,
met with sheer cordiality
These bloodshot eyes,
tears of sentimentality
they make way for the new
sense of consolation
Our nameless quest
to find the beauty in the dark
We're in this upheaval
together we'll embark

  It seems I've begun to take a liking to word spills. Why's that?

  To be frank, I'm not sure either. Perhaps I haven't been idle enough to convolute my thoughts. Perhaps the contentment in my fragile frame is steadily rising. Perhaps I'm in the happiest place I have ever been for the longest while. Though bittersweet, I've found my footing. I don't feel like I'm sinking anymore. I simply don't have to pretend. I have the promise of some of the fondest people, and genuine things to look forward to.
  You know what's funny? As cliché as it sounds, music brought us together. The past three weeks contain memories that will surely be hard to forget. These are the days I stuck around for, the days I didn't see coming but brought so much joy. The days I'm confident of, ones I didn't need to feign. The sunsets and shows and willingness to embrace have been worth it. I'm sure of it. These are the instances where we took our stand, fought time, and came out triumphant at last.


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