HOW TO FIND MY SOUL // Last Dinosaurs live.

(Warning: Last Dinos puns ahead.)

  Sunday Night saw an enthused me, with the chance to see one of my favourite bands live. It was an evening I'd been looking forward to for absolute ages. What overcame me was an unexplainable, concurrent feeling of both effervescence and tranquility. After the first one or two songs, I realized how natural it was to be able Stream all their lyrics by heart. To me, Last Dinosaurs aren't all just about eccentric funky tunes, but way more. I've fond memories tied to their every circa 2012 track, and their second album was surely one to send me in a surreal frenzy yet again.

  So imagine me, close-eyed and vividly singing along. Honestly, what an atmosphere there was - even right from the beginning. We met some extremely like-minded people. Everyone's energy was fuelled by one another's. It was bliss, in the womb of the venue, as every guitar riff and melodious nuance ricocheted off the walls; just the right Time and Place, you could say. And to be honest, I have certain opportunities to thank. This very highlight of my year, as minor as it may seem, was all managed in serendipity. The fruition of these events came about with me putting my foot forward, for something I love.
"I try to crystallize my fictive thoughts / You may not realise, but that's what I'm here for" — Evie

   That so happens to be writing. Never In A Million Years did I think I'd ever get the chance to meet/talk to any of the members of Last Dinos. Yet a while ago, I had a mountain of luck. Having the experience of firstly chatting to one of my musical idols was incredible (courtesy to Isolated Nation) - followed by the tangible occasion itself. I've found serious gratification in these intertwined passions. See, music has been a crazy paramount part of my existence and I quite literally could not live without it. Fuse that with writing, however, and you have yourself a winning deal.
"If or only you could feel this with me / Maybe you would change your mind, and tell me" — Always"
“Keep me in your flame, or burn me it’s the same / We're never gonna win” — Karma

  In the case of Last Dinosaurs, they are quite possibly the most sentimental band I've had the pleasure of pouring myself into. I Can't Decide what I'm more happy about - the experience of being within arm's reach of creators who have had so much of an impact on my wellbeing, or the fact that I got to tell them how their music has helped. There's just something about Wellness that is evocative of so many earnest emotions. Every verse has me floating, almost suspended out of this world. For weeks on end I'd chime with its words regarding the overall journey of self: songs purely devised of introspection, the focus on growth, some touching on mental health, and of course, good old nostalgic love
"If or only you could feel this with me / Maybe you would change your mind, and tell me" — Always

The conclusion: It's all Karma. Keep the positive energy flowing. Always stay grounded, know where you lie on the equilibrium scale. Take Your Time to assess it all. Remember your worth. You deserve the very best, nothing less. The patience pays off. Don't you worry, don't you blink. Let yourself take a chance. Things will go from Zero to hero before you know it. 


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