Did I let you know?

  Daniela's back! You may have recognised her from a post in the past. In any case, our last catchup was from when you last saw her on the blog - since she's moved to Melbourne! It was unexpected news for sure, and I surely hadn't predicted her to have moved so soon. It's been a fair few months since she's settled nicely over there, and I couldn't be more glad to have her visit these holidays. (Note: Most of my closest, like-minded friends either go to other schools or live interstate/overseas!)
  Our grand plans // bookshop hopping + shared café lunches + an hour of ice-skating (fake it till you make it!) + gelato by the seaside + more exploring + fireside festivities + prolonged bus rides + failed selfies + the tenacious quest for sushi
'When we envision a lack of division, the planet does another revolution.' - Red Hot Chili Peppers


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