Sea of voices.

'In a perfect world / We'll see creation come undone / These bones that bound us will be gone / We'll stir our spirits 'till we're one / Then soft as shadows we'll become' - Porter Robinson

  Oh what a hiatus it's been. I'm not sure what's happened. (Oh yes, school. Oops.) Anyway, here are the long-overdue photos from when I visited the SEA aquarium in my summer vacation! It's been a sure ride since then - with me holding on more than ever.

  Yet I'm excited - I had my first exam today and there are about six more to go! I'm thrilled for the aftermath. I cannot wait to just get out there and indulge in more memories. I can't imagine what else might await me for the second half of the year. What I do know, is that I'll be back on here soon. Believe me.



  1. Beautiffffful pictures! The colours are so nice (especially the last: #photographygoals)
    but OMG it sounds like you're actually enjoying the exam period!?!?! Good luck for the rest of them.

  2. I meant the aftermath! My bad hahaha I look a little crazy if I exclaim I'm excited about exams. Good luck for yours too :)

  3. Good luck girlie! and beautiful photos ♥

  4. Your pictures are so stunning--as always. And I too, am just coming back from a school related hiatus...I totally feel the struggle. Looking forward to seeing you in the blogosphere again! <3

  5. scrolling through the pictures was so relaxing. the blue hues made me feel like i was in a trance. so gladdddd youre back <3

  6. Aww, always nice to hear from you Audrey! Likewise with you x

  7. That makes me happy to hear, I wasn't quite sure how credible the colour scheme would appear. Glad to be back <3

  8. DORY!
    Good lucky with everything, I know it's a hectic time of year. I too have been lacking on the blog front. x


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