I've come back around.

  I've missed this - being able to sit down and sift through my thoughts. Ever since Year 11 started, I've dedicated less time to myself and the logistics of my feelings. Having the no-school examination period for the past fortnight, however, has let my mind evaluate and wander. As such, I'm restless. On the other hand, I've also been wildly content.
  The gist: I'm in a good place now. Exams have ended and I'm honestly so excited for the next two months. Winter starts tomorrow. To be honest, this week has been great (apart from my last few exams, but hey, they're done and dusted). I can't wait to get out there with the warmth of company and capture sporadic moments. In fact, I already have for the past few days and I'm left wanting more.

Taking: advantage of the post-exam break. There's been quality time with more than a couple of friends, all resulting in smiles.
Needing: to learn meditation. Stress can really take me by surprise.
Reading: lots of the Thought Catalog. Particularly a fan of The Lost Art Of Giving A Shit and Read This If You're Worried You'll Never Find 'The One'(both by Heidi Priebe)
Looking: to be a part of something that offers/demands the prospect of reform.
Enjoying: afternoons of languor and strengthened bonds.
Wishing: for some rad under 18 music gigs. (Yes The Wombats and Last Dinosaurs, I'm looking at you.)
Loving: my favourite Youtuber's vlogs, as well as Buzzfeed's innovation. This concept especially.
Marvelling: at this rendition of Eminem's Lose Yourself, in sign language.
Bookmarking: a bunch of band merchandise and albums.
Wanting: immerse myself in new urban and rural scenes. I want to be a little more exposed, and less sheltered.
Drinking: chai lattes and hot tea. We found the best chai latte yesterday thanks to Chels.
Finishing: Season 2 of Suits. I've still a long way to go, I know!
Wondering: how on earth magicians do what they do. (I went on a bit of a watching spree. Think Darcy OakeSmoothini and Mat Franco.)
Leaving: ample time for myself.
Knowing: I could do with better improvisation/acting skills. Or, I could stay on the sidelines and just watch Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Opening: up to strangers, and getting worthy words in turn.
Thinking: about the ways in which I would respond to situations like these.
Giggling: a tad too much (at virtually anything).
Hoping: I get my sleep schedule on track. Sleepovers and late-night show binging are guilty causes.
Liking: the heartwarming, unsugarcoated journey of the film, Boyhood. (Picked up on some Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, Gotye and Atlas Genius in there! Scooore.)
Keeping: melancholy at bay.



  1. So cute and quirky! I love this post ♥ Glad you're feeling better now x

  2. "As such, I'm restless. On the other hand, I've also been wildly content."
    I relate a lot to this feeling. It's a weird place to be, isn't it?

  3. I absolutely love your style of writing ❤

  4. thanks girl, also here's a belated happy birthday to you! I've been so busy i haven't had the chance to wish you well xx

  5. Most definitely - it's comforting that you vibe with me!

  6. I love this post! You always have some amazing pictures and unique posts. Might (somewhat) copy this one some time in the future...


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