TRUTH BE TOLD // a memorable Valentine's Day.

   Talk about the best Valentine's day ever. (These shoddy quality iPhone photos do no justice.) What a cliché but trust me, I don't use the phrase in vain! My exciting plans as forementioned were to have dinner at a quaint spaghetti bar we'd been eyeing up, and watch Neel Kolhatkar's live standup at the Fringe Festival. Our plans were foiled (due to some ludicrously misleading event information), and I almost lost all hope of having a good night. I'd been looking forward to it for weeks and months to see my favourite comedian in action; to say it was a disappointment would be an underestimation. Fortunately, we came across other youths who ran into the very same problem. We met a handful of lovely girls, and of them one had astutely messaged Neel himself and he had replied! He made no guarantee but informed us that he'd do the best he could. So for an hour, our inability to see his show had us salvaging our time. We opted for takeaway at a sushi bar around the corner, and to our pleasant surprise, we'd hands down found the best nigiri. From thereon, it was a turning point.
  Waiting in the cold, we were starving but sure as heck determined. If we couldn't watch his show, we were at least going to try to meet him. It worked out in our favour though - as soon as it ended, Neel came out for us all apologetic. We did get rather squeal-ish (blame it on the fact of being a teenage girl) but the excitement definitely outweighed acceptable public behaviour. We managed to get warm words, photos together, hugs and a character impression, along with signed shirts, posters and phone cases. He even stuck around for a half hour to talk to us, much to our delight. (Actually, we probably held him back.) He was just so incredibly humble and sweet; how rare it is to see such a well-known talent remembering his supporters. It was a surreal encounter, which had me going home that night still wide-eyed and in pure disbelief.

  Unwittingly, the patience truly paid off and created a night better than even fathomable. A recap: we made some new friends, found a new sushi place, met the man himself and managed to see his show another day. I'm still thrilled just thinking about it. An insanely huge thanks to Neel for the special arrangements that allowed us to attend his show in the end.You could say I'm still in stitches!



  1. Sounds and looks like you had an awesome night :) x

  2. Neel is amazing and funny!

    Sounds like a truly amazing Valentine's Day. Glad you had a good time. :)

  3. Woo Neel! One time we were driving down one of the main streets in Melbourne and had stopped at the lights, he was crossing and a friend of mine was like omg, so we waved to him haha.
    I'm so glad this all worked out well for you guys! :)


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