Current summer favourites.


  There's something about summer that brings about ingrained nostalgia. It's something I can't quite put my finger on. It's a time I attach utmost sentimentality upon. It's surely not like any other season; it encourages an everlasting row of events and carefree behaviour. It also stirs the desire within to explore new things - which I've done plenty of, thus far. As such, I thought I'd kick off the holidays (well, mine) with an abundance of things I've been loving. Here we go, it'll be a long post!
LITTLE THINGS // Sunsets on the beach to mimic Submarine's beautiful ombre vibes. Picture via our impromptu dinner drive.
In my birthday month, I got gifted a few things I wholly appreciate. Henna is one of them. (You probably could have told by my Instagram photos.) Ever since I had henna done years ago I've been fascinated. Aarushi gave me a henna cone and I hadn't touched it till she slept over. She generously helped me with this design and I hope to be able to do it myself someday.
Speaking of which, sleepovers on cool summer nights are amazing. Winding down under the covers lets me rest easy.
Guess what? I'm also big fan rustic tones. I've enjoyed pairing them with accented metallics. On my wishlist was gold nail polish and thanks to Reneta, I was granted the completed look (above, on right). Sinful Colors, you've done it again.
Another universal favourite: tea. Amongst the jars of goods that Lauren kindly gave me, the Melbourne breakfast tea was best. It smells ethereal. Unlike usual boring sachets, the authenticity of freshly brewed tea leaves has made all the difference.
Polaroids have also been most aesthetically pleasing to me. Who doesn't love them? I don't personally own a Polaroid camera but all my friends do! I've had the luxury of being allowed to have some. For keepsakes, I've displayed them in my nifty wallet.
PRODUCTS // I've been praising the Fijian Water Lotus Shower Gel that came in a gifted The Body Shop set. It's a light and gorgeous-smelling shower scent, along with the rainforest oatmeal soap another friend graciously bought me. Both leave my skin feeling refreshed, as if I just hopped right out of the ocean and laid on the beach for a couple hours. It's a summer dream.
I've also miraculously found the best moisturiser for my combination face type - Lush's famous Dream Cream (Body Lotion). A skin product to live up to its name, I'll say. The soothing mixture of lavender, rose water, cocoa butter, chamomile and oatmilk equate to pure skin bliss. I mean, I've always seen moisturising as a chore but not with this. And, it just smells like heaven.
Out of the perfumes I received, my Mum's was my favourite. She took the sweet thought to give me a limited edition Marc Jacobs perfume set, as if she hasn't spoilt me already. Honey (Eau De Parfum) was my favourite scent out of the lot. I'm not sure if due to my long-lasting affiliation with honey itself, but I love it. It's not overpowering yet makes a sweet statement.

FILMS // Of course, I had to indulge in the classic genre of romance. Such a theme was evident throughout all the movies I watched: Endless Love, Let's Be Cops, Odd Thomas, What's Your Number? and What If. The last three mentioned were great beyond words - in terms of plotline, the surprising importance placed upon the theme of family and overall entertainment factor. I won't go into too much detail as I'm no movie critic, but I deemed these to be worthy of my hours. You may too. 
However, another film that struck me was Men, Women & Children. It delves into and exposes the current society we live in, dominated by technology. It serves as a wake-up call to ask us: are we truly sucked into this vortex of miscommunication? Featuring contemporary issues like cyberbullying, eating disorders and online privacy cautions, it's definitely relatable material. The characters were a little lifeless - if that were the intended case, then I'd assume the intentions were to focus on the issues at hand. All in all, it wasn't bad and I was glad to have ticked it off my to-watch list. (Movie previews accredited to the internet.)

MUSIC // As a matter of fact, I thoroughly loved the Men, Women & Children soundtrack. Bibio had collaborated with it to produce most of its soundtrack, which was spectacular. (Bibio has some impressive work that I already dig.) It was even on par with the movie soundtrack from That Awkward Moment - with charming songs like Crozet - Closed Shades, Night Drive - After Dark, Strange Talk - Morning Sun, Lavender Diamond - I Don't Recall and Crozet - We'll Be Gone By Then.
My top two albums at the moment are Max Relax and Submarine. I've revisited my everlasting love for Alex Turner's soulful voice and also found similar repose in Millions' recent album. Every single track off the Max Relax album is just about my favourite. They never fail to match my mood and provide overflowing relief. Whatever mood you're in, gladly have a listen!

On a side note, have you voted your songs for Triple J's Hottest 100? I know I have. It took me a painstaking hour to narrow down ten selections, to which I can deduct that 'Control' by Olympic Ayres has been my song for 2014. (As follows are Millions - Always, Sticky Fingers - Liquorlip Loaded Gun, The Drums - I Can't Pretend, GOVS - Australian Summer, Foster The People - The Truth, DMA's - Delete, The Creases - Static Lines, Bombay Bicycle Club - Luna and Yeo - Kobe.)

  Alright, that's a wrap! Hope you'll come to find some enjoyment out of these favourites of mine, let me know if you do.



  1. Posts like this is what I live for. I love reading these back too, a year after to see what I liked way back when, you know what I mean? - The limited edition Marc Jacobs perfume set looks absolutely devine, and I will play those playlists when I get to do the dishes tonight. Also, I've been thinking of watching 'What If' and now that you're mentioning it I'm more intrigued.

    And I might not get around to it anymore, so I wish you a very merry Christmas!!

  2. I could not agree any more with the first line: Summer has something about it that's so... nostalgic. You're exactly right.

    Lush products and Marc Jacobs? oh my. I can't handle, and thank you for the movie suggestions! I will have to have a look when I am free next! :)

  3. I got a similar Marc Jacobs set for Christmas with four mini but they are all different versions of daisy :) I also got a poloroid camera like your too so I am excited as to use it over the summer :)

    I am going to download some of those movies also! I love endless love :)


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