The hours.

  Amongst the others, you waver. To coexist harmoniously without fault is what it appears to be. You are a lone, weakening plant. You are a single teardrop in a sea of others. You resent the dreamy blue skimming the surface. You are nothing more than a cog in flawless machinery. The turning of gears rustles you inside. You feel utterly betrayed by the security of numbers.

  All you need is an escape. At least you do, on occasion. Soon it becomes all you can think of. The hours file by in a repetitive fashion and you feel pulled in all directions. Your liquid woes build up inside of you. You stare at their faces, into defeat. With every step your brave demeanor comes crumbling down. You keep your silence. And finally, you let it all out.



  1. This made me want to escape for a little while. I can't wait for University to be finished! :)

  2. Now that's one conquerable feat! Good luck for the rest of it :D

  3. What lovely words you weave, friend.

  4. Your pictures certainly makes me really want to escape from New York.

    I can't even think in peace because I have too many things on my mind >.<
    Thank you for this post though! It reminded me the value of such beautiful nature.

    Interesting music. Very dreamy- sounds like a perfect night with someone special.

  5. Your posts are always so flawless! You really are such a good writer/poet/blogger/photographer and your posts are always so original and refreshing.. I definitely need a little escape...

  6. Might be a wild suggestion here, but I've always fancied the idea of New York rooftops as a great escape. They seem so dreamy to me, along with Central Park.
    And my thoughts exactly with the music! Thanks for your insight :)

  7. Aw thank you, that really does mean so much to me. You're such a babe Audrey!


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