Ah, the holidays have come to an end. You could say I'm currently in the griefing stage, since I deem them to be the holy days. I can happily say though, the last week had me pleasantly occupied. Monday was a much-needed day at Veronica's. Wednesday saw poolside chills with Lauren, Yuxian and Liz. I also had a wholesome Friday night at Pearl's class party. I've listened to the entire Max Relax album by Millions on repeat. I'm up-to-date with all my favourite TV shows. I sacrificed time to be spend time with my Dad. I've eaten to my tummy's content. (Much to the dismay of my lacking health, may I add.)

  I've had my head in two places at once, too. Plenty of déjà vu on my plate as well. I toss and turn at night; I ache for rest. To put the past behind me and move forward. I'm wistful and wishful. I crave tranquility, assurance and clarity. Three unattainable goals of mine that I haven't quite got under my wing. Recent encounters and talks with (older) strangers, however, have rejuvenated my wilingness for the future. Potentially moving interstate for university, and starting afresh (again) - a huge leap in ambition considering I have no plans. It's unpredicted change I want to embrace, but I'm apprehensive of more mistakes. It's a world away but who's to say it's unreal? After all, it seems I'm never intended to stay for very long. 



  1. Gorgeous photos, those flowers are so pretty! love these update chatty blog posts :) x

    Sinead -

  2. It looks like spring!

  3. Oh Rachel, I seriously know how you feel about the holidays coming to an end. I feel you totally. I wish they were ongoing for like, ever!

  4. Thank you, these were taken in a botanical garden. They sure live up to their reputation! Also, I was afraid these posts would get tiresome. So sweet to hear they aren't haha x

  5. Love the flower shots! :-)

    Also, my old Bloglovin, for some reason, stopped showing my new posts so it would be great if you could follow me on my new one: :-)

    Hope you're doing well! Haven't talked to you in ages.

  6. Thanks Jeffrey! Well and informed now of your situation, so thanks again for stopping by.
    Hope you're doing well too, with university and whatnot :)

  7. I love the holidays, but somehow I'm more productive when it's not the holidays, which is strange, I think I just need the motivation of only having a certain amount of time to get things done.
    But you seem to have had a rather productive holidays!
    I too am looking forward to starting afresh, for me it will be next year, in a new city, with new people, new sights and a new outlook on life. :)

  8. I have a similar theory! Less time stresses me out, which in turn, makes me restless. Productive or not, the holidays are for relaxing. :)
    Whereabouts are you moving to? And I also wish you all the best in your readjustment xxx

  9. Hi sweetie, I've just read your email and you couldn't imagine how happy you make me!
    I can't wait to see this new page on your blog. I'll send you an email with all you need.
    Thanks so much for everything! Read your blog is like a breath of fresh air in this messy blogosphere.

  10. Oh Esther, I'm pleased to hear that! I'll be eagerly awaiting your email, then.
    And no, thank you for all your kindness. You keep me doing what I do best! x

  11. So pretty thanks for sharing! x


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