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  A little life update is in order! These photos are from both my camera and new iPhone. (Yes, I joined the club.) This will be a scattered post, as I forewarn you - nonetheless, I figured formalities would lose the affability. Let's get into it, shall we?
    The core of the holidays has revolved around lots of driving, treats for the tastebuds and scenery. I took to researching places deemed festive enough to celebrate my Dad's belated birthday. I chanced upon an orchard-based restaurant with homemade cider as their specialty. After the piles of rave reviews, I knew it would be perfect for my Dad. (Cider would be a change from the usual wine at the table scene.) So we went on our merry way and finally revealed the destination to my Dad on arrival. I highly recommend it if you're all for a serene meal in the hills, because we all loved it.
  The food was spectacular; we ordered their cider tasting paddle, cheese platter, asparagus special, barramundi, wedges and lamb shank to share. Their 100% natural red apple juice was pretty dandy, too. I mean, the concept of pure apples sure appealed to me.

  But wait, the good food streak isn't over. We had a Sri Lankan dinner and later on watched Fight Club. (I was even more convinced to after Seryna's review.) I found myself giggling at the witty one-liners during its early stages. However, I was rather baffled throughout intervals of the movie. I reckon though, that it does showcase inculcated consumerism well. It's a compelling movie with plenty of illusionary prospects, I'll tell you that.



  1. everything looks so yummy!!!!


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