It's hard to get around the wind.

It's like history being disclosed to you, that you'd never been aware of.
It's like sipping tea, but failing to ingest.
It's like purging the seed, planted right inside your soul.
It's like finding a four-leaf clover, amongst a sweeping clover field.
It's like looking in a mirror, and realising you're invisible.
It's like being in all kinds of places at once, but remaining perfectly still.
It's like a living contradiction, parading its forgone freedom.
It's like aging, without amelioration.

'It's like you're trying to get to heaven in a hurry, and the queue was shorter than you thought it'd be.' - Alex Turner



  1. I loved the soundtrack for Submarine by Alex Turner. Not only does it make me think back at all the good moments in the movie, it's just the perfect music to listen to when you're feeling :( and want to feel :) and are too tired to feel :D. If you get what I mean. - Also, daisies are the cutest.

  2. I know right! My thoughts exactly. It's just perfect for all occasions. :)
    Daisies certainly are the cutest, coincidentally they hinted at the connotations of this post.

  3. Hello, nice to meet you! Lovely blog you have here.

    If you are interested, how about following each other's blogs? :)

    xxx MODEmoiselle on Bloglovin.

  4. Hey! It's Jennifer (from my old blog 0365days). I just wanted to let you in on the good news that im back to blogging and plan on doing it for a long time. My new link is Keep your posts coming, have a lovely day and keep smiling! :)

  5. A pleasure to have you back! I'm ecstatic actually. Thanks a million for letting me know, Jennifer :)


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