Chasing dreams // my Melbourne experience.

  Melbourne has been an eye-opener, it really has. I’ve ended up having the time of my life - and I mean that, I rarely use the term lightly. The spontaneous decision to go had me on cloud nine, and I was not disappointed. Every minute of Melbourne, from the flights to traversing, was breathtaking. Funnily enough, the purpose of it was to enthusiastically tag along on my Dad’s business trip. (Heck, I had even constructed a bucket list. That’s how desperate I’ve been for a break.)
  The people I’ve encountered and the city itself are much too valuable, as I reflect. They’ve provided me with a sense of hopeful security, especially for the future. They’ve allowed me to realise that the things I stress about as a teenager are much too trivial, and I shouldn’t be holding myself back. It’s all encouraged me to further establish myself, to and for the right people. It’s taught me to take care of myself, too. You could say the romanticist in me has been resurrected. I’d say the party has just started. (I apologise if I scare anyone with all the funky lingo, excitement and self-addressing interjections.)
  It’s a city I’ve warmed up to in absolutely no time, one that I feel comfortable adventuring in. Everything feels at ease despite the fast-paced nature. I’d actually never been since I was a youngling; my Mum told me I was conceived there, and the only factor driving her out was the bipolar weather. (I could’ve been a Melbourne girl, sigh.) It truly is the charming capital of culture, people, food, art, nightlife and fashion. Not to mention, its own brand of distinctive individuality.
  You comb the streets and wonder the story behind each striding individual. You admire their affiliation with the place, their direction and pride. Where are they going? Do they desire more or are they content with the status quo? You glance at those sitting down, the ones who bathe in silence. Or perhaps contemplating life. Most importantly, what’s their story?
  The central city district was where I committed most of my hours to. In awe, may I add. 
  It didn’t take me long to snap out of my urban trance, and really appreciate the undivided city for what it’s worth. The juxtaposition between architectural infrastructure is much too impressive. Think Victorian-style buildings standing alongside skyscrapers, with street art galore. The quaint cafes and remarkable laneways. The adopted tradition of locking love on bridges, in hopes of eternity. Corner delights and so much more. The fusion of everything I adore in a single city, basically.
  Met up with the incredibly beautiful Meg from meganbethkernaghan, who accompanied me for the Saturday. What better blogger to have a first real-life meeting with? (If you don’t know her, you need to hop onto her blog immediately. Her photography is amazing, I insist you visit. She’s also the kind of people we need more of in the world, the generous and perceptive kind.) It was truly an indelible rendezvous, catching up with one of the most honourable and cultivated bloggers I know. In the flesh, too! Being four years apart in age didn’t hinder us from connecting on all levels. I think it’s fantastic when two individuals can come together and see eye-to-eye on things - exactly what Meg and I had shared.
  We had a stroll around the renowned city and markets, and also fancied a seat outside the state library. Majority of conversation on my end was the incessant gushing about the entire city. (There were selfies and inside jokes. I believe it’s now official that we’ve achieved best-friend status.) Fortunately for me, Meg suggested that we wait for a musical trio in the city to perform. I had thought nothing of it at the time, yet knew I had to go with Meg’s instinct. I wasn’t disappointed one bit, as our half-hour wait turned into a foot-tapping spectacle. I almost got run over by the tram twice for being so invested in their soulful tunes. The band, Woodlock, is phenomenal. And for them to perform in the middle of the city is respectable. It certainly gained everyone’s approval and attention. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the day any other way. The blogging community already means so much to me - having physical moments makes it even more dear.
  The last two nights were spent out with respective partners from Dad’s work. We walked countless blocks for dinner out on the town. Now it wouldn’t be deemed significant in anyone’s book, but I truly had a good time conversing with everyone. I’ve always felt more inclined towards talking to adults. Sometimes, age is just a number; a couple of decades only distinguish the collection of experiences. The bunch was of course, inclusive of merrymaking - yes, drinking and tasteful banter - but it’s nothing new to me. In fact, being exposed to the norm of adults is great. I’ve always been more aware of what it’s all about, not just fun and games. And when it is, it’s good fun indeed. Adults and teenagers don’t have many stark contrasts, but I did feel like an old soul trapped in a measly body. It’s all occupied me with restless ambition.

    All in all, the trip - even if only a few days - went infinitely better than anticipated. I never would’ve imagined the vibrancy of such a city as being so well-suited to me. (Ooh fun fact: my Dad attended university in Melbourne. I’m seriously considering continuing the legacy.) It’s so vast but I long to belong here. There’s just so much to see, and I’m compelled to do more.

  See, I’m the sort that has never lived in a place for very long, hence the lack of residential attachment. They do say that home is where the heart is. Now believe me in my conviction of saying that Melbourne has my heart. It has it, whole.



  1. I'm glad that you had a fun time in Melbourne. Maybe when you're an adult, you can live there. I went to Melbourne once when I was a kid except I didn't enjoy the experience much because I had German measles so we had to go home. I've heard that Melbourne is an exciting place to be so maybe one day I'll return.

  2. It's also good to travel! Or so I hear...but you seem to prove the theory right :) My cousin said there wasn't h&m where she lives (in aus) so I was quite disappointed. I might be flying to Australia in my next school holiday! I still need the details but if by chance an opportunity come up for us to meet, we should def catch up xx

  3. You did see me in Melbourne! I was there with Stephen on Friday celebrating our anniversary. Where did you see us?

    What a crazy small world this is :)

    p.s. wish I could have met up with you and Meg, isn't she just the sweetest thing. I love her :)

  4. Like I said on Meg's blog, I am so sad I missed out. It would have been fantastic to meet you Rachel, but I do hope you enjoyed your stay in Melbourne and I am sure Meg made it very special for you just as well. :)

  5. I wish i had been able to meet you while you were down in Melbourne but it sounds like you had a lovely time nonetheless. I am glad you enjoyed your stay here.

  6. Thank you for the thought! I encourage you to visit again if a second opportunity arises. Whilst I was in Hong Kong I was really ill and even missed out on the new years' eve countdown! Shame for us both, hope you do favour the city as much as I do. :)

  7. Hahah I'm no expert traveller, sadly. I feel her on the lack of H&M!
    Do tell me more about your trip details, I sure do hope we'll be able to see each other x

  8. Oooh, so I wasn't wrong :) I believe I might've walked right past you two on the outskirts of Degraves St, but it was all too quick. Do wish I had the chance to talk to you in person, and yes Meg is the just the absolute dearest! Such a hearty soul.

  9. Meg did tell me, and thanks Jes it does mean a lot! Perhaps next time I'm in town :) I did enjoy my stay indeed, I finally understand how good you have it over there! Would love to meet up altogether if possible in the future.

  10. Aww yes, I didn't think of contacting many bloggers! If I'm there again for a much longer period of time, I'll hit you up for sure. A meeting is definitely in my priorities :) x

  11. It was so amazing to meet you Rachel!
    I love you so :)
    I'm glad you had such a good day xx

  12. *votes up lovely comments about myself* hehehehe <3

  13. i'm a little jealous that you got to meet each other, I wish I lived there too!! It looks like a really nice place and I'm now in love with Woodlock from reading Meg's post :) xx

  14. rachel! i love this post, i love it oh so much. the inspiration you talk about, inspiration that sometimes only a new city can bring. the kind of inspiration that's restless and...for me at least...always a little restricted by the fact I'm with my parents and just want to escape & explore the big wide world.

    much love,

    bella xx

  15. Oh you needn't be jealous! There's all there is to offer where you are. Glad you find Woodlock as heartening :)

  16. Aw thank you pet, your words have such truth to them. A dose of inspiration is always healthy. I feel a little entrapped by my current age circumstances, so I can empathise. However, I'd like to think that everything leading up to exploration only adds to the experience. Hope you find that sort of freedom too!

  17. Woow,love this set of photos! Great shots!


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