We'll be gone by then.

Goodbye to the autumn leaves I loved, to the warbling birds above.
Goodbye to the blithe steps I took, to a stressful chapter in the book.
Goodbye to the scarlet in my hair, to another innocent affair.
Goodbye to relentless cold feet, to the woes of deceit.
Goodbye to the weathered berries that grew, to a life turned askew.
Goodbye to the girl I was before, to the girl I am no more.



  1. This actually made me a bit choked up! Did you write this Rachel!?
    I was listening to the lumineers while reading this so that can account for some of the over emotion but oh my.
    You amaze me time and time again with the things you create on this blog and the feelings you convey that I had no idea were worth feeling when I was 15. I feel so lucky to know you.
    This post is so beautiful, and the crimson specs of flowers in the photos are perfect in every way.
    Ah, posts like this just make trawling the internet for inspiration so worth it. I really can emphasise enough what these words meant to me.

    Love always xx


  2. I really like this poem, I always find it hard to rhyme in mine but you pulled it off beautifully in this poem. <3

  3. Beautiful, Rachel!


  4. amazing as always <3

    btw, adorable socks!

  5. Awww, why yes I did :) I wrote it to commemorate the passing phase I was in at this time, in tune with the seasons. I'm glad to hear I evoke emotion from such a valued human being, and that i'm worthy of someone so fluent with words. I am indeed lucky to know YOU, Meg. You're truly a refreshing person, and i cannot thank you enough for all your words. Lots of love to you!

  6. Thank you Blessing! Admittedly, I may/may not have had a thesaurus in hand. ;)


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