After dark.

  I come alive after dark. I come alive once the constant crunch of leaves drown my ears. I come alive under the affectionate gaze of the stars, who gleam upon me and smile at my very existence. I come alive as I lay upon the velvet drive, whilst the cold consumes me whole. I come alive when the drizzle forces me to vivaciously run for cover, and only the street lights pave the way. I come alive when I'm trying to retrieve my breath. I come alive as I'm laughing my absolute head off, at the most virtually insignificant things.

  I come alive every time I'm with you.



  1. All of your posts are so beautifully poetic... I love them!!!

  2. This was absolutely beautiful! Your blog is lovely ♥

  3. I have such a hard time capturing the sky, it's so beautiful, one of the most beautiful things when it's covered in stars and the mood in lighting up the night. I remember one time I was with good friends and we lay on the grass out in the bush listening to music and I tried to capture the sky the way I could see it but nothing could compete with how beautiful it is with the naked eye. I guess, I come alive after dark too. :)
    Love you Rachel :) x


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