Up all night for good fun.

 Spending my Saturday evening with all these beautiful girls.

  Cassie held her birthday sleepover last night, and it was inevitably fun. I don't know why I had been stressing beforehand about whether I'd get along with everyone, because things turned out fantastic. Some of  our quirky events included the Internet, being silly (with make-up especially), onesies, countless photos, stuffing our faces with whipped cream topped on strawberries, hysterical fits, gossip and copious amounts of sass. I'm super glad I opened up to a few girls, and my actions were reciprocated. Sleepovers are quite a magical things; people do get deeper as the hours pass by. I managed to be the last man standing - or should I say, last girl awake - at 6am, a feat I don't regret. (Thanks Jan, for the Skype session.)

  Here are some photos from this morning. Hope y'all had a sweet weekend, I'd love to know what you did!



  1. You look so fresh for someone who's been up all night! <3 Oh, how I miss sleep overs, it looks like you guys had such a wonderful time, and I'm glad you bonded with new friends :))x

    1. Ah, the camera is deceiving Giulia ;)
      Thank you, my parents actually rarely allow them so I was rather lucky this time.

  2. I don't know how sleepovers do it, but they DO manage to bring you closer. My friends and I were discussing God and the universe at 3 am a week ago at our sleepover.....awesome! Oh, and props for using this phrase: "Copious amounts of sass" YES.

    1. The universe sure works in interesting ways, and sleepovers must be one of them. And yess! Something about that word is just, so right. So very, very right. You go Erin!


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